"Not Guilty"
The Jana Todd Story Part (2)
Continue the Story! Releasing October 2016!

1. You can't live if you’re afraid to die.
2. You can't grow if you can't be taught.
3. You can't win the game if you don’t know the rules.
4. You can't love if you’re afraid to be hurt.
5. You can’t rise up unless you come down.
6. You can’t gain Wisdom if your afraid of Silence.
7. You can’t cage others without caging yourself.
8. You can’t know freedom apart from Truth.
9. You can’t discover treasure if you’re not willing to dig.
10. You can’t write a book and be scared of their faces..

List of You Can’t

Christianity thru my Eyes... A Perspective

by: Jana Todd

Skillfully penned and woven into the pages of this book is the life of a hero who lives inside me. The events written in this book are true. And in sharing my story it unveils the life and deeds of others which I can make no apology. Only some names have been changed to allow others to identify themselves if and when they choose. In my heart, I believe the writings in this book are in due season. Many times throughout the writing process, I turned my computer off and walked away in tears. I am hopeful my story heals you as the writing process has healed me.

Jana Todd

Daughter | Visionary | Warrior

I felt like it was me against the world and losing was not an option... What did I do to encounter a fight like this? I didn't have time to think about my actions all I knew to do was react...

Tears Won't Let You Cry, Life Won't Let You Die, You Can't Stop and Get Off, And You Wake Up And It's Morning...

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Wisdom is wealth!

The Forward

This has been the most difficult writing of my life and equally the most healing. On April 5th 2014 my best friend and great supporter Mr. Bill Turner abruptly departed this life due to a massive heart attack. His sudden flight from time into eternity thrust my life into "The Next Phase!"

This book has been emerging for about thirteen years awaiting its season on fragments of loose leaf paper. As I fell into a wilderness place, I had to allow my life to be sifted. And in a blink of an eye everything comfortable and familiar vanished. And I was left alone, alone me.

Every open wound of my soul laid bare. The weaker I became the stronger I grew, the more I lived! The bleeding emotional trauma of my life was caged deep inside me. The writing of this book demanded my attention to detail and forced me to come face to face with the open sores in my life.

A Must Read!